Asthma Management

What is asthma?

Asthma is a condition of the airways. People with asthma have sensitive airways in their lungs which react to triggers that set off their asthma. This makes it harder for them to breathe.

Three main factors cause the airways to narrow:

  • The inside lining of the airways becomes red and swollen (inflammation)
  • Extra mucus (sticky fluid) may be produced, which can block up airways
  • Muscles around the airways squeeze tight. This is called ‘bronchoconstriction’

One in ten people in Australia has asthma - that's over two million people!

Asthma affects people of all ages. Some people get asthma when they are young; others when they are older.

Please come into any of our Discount Pharmacy Group stores and speak to our friendly pharmacists about your Asthma and how you are managing.


 Asthma First Aid

1. Sit the person upright
  • Be calm and reassuring
  • Do not leave them alone 
2. Give 4 puffs of the blue reliever puffer medication
  • Use a spacer if there is one
  • Shake puffer
  • Put 1 puff into spacer
  • Take 4 breaths from spacer
Remember: Shake, 1 puff, 4 breaths 
3. Wait 4 minutes
  • If there is no improvement, give 4 more puffs as above
4. If there is still no more improvement call emergency assistance (DIAL 000)
  • Say "ambulance" and someone is having a heart attack 
  • Keep giving 4 puffs every 4 minutes until emergency assistance arrives 

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